he Birdfair stands offers a varied spectrum of choices: from equipment to birdwatching travel companies, books on birds and art exhibits, Governmental Agencies Stands or stands of organizations dedicated to birds or nature conservation and ecology in general. The complete list will be updated during the year. For any further information you may contct us at: report to Mollom configure block Edit Export Clone Click image to full view. Feria de Aves de Sudamérica Official Stand General information, point of contact for sales of products: T-shirts, photos, calendars. BIRDSCHILE Naturaleza – Cultura Local – Trekking – Birdwatching 100% comprometidos con el medioambiente 00569 92692606 / 92354818 Fundación de Historia Natural Félix de Azara Working to conserve natural heritage and culture Aves Argentinas / Birdlife International. Buenos Días Birding Birding tours and trips in Southern South America Ministerio de Turismo de Argentina INFORMATION OF THE STANDS If you wish to apply for a stand at the Fair, you may contact